Wednesday 20 June 2012

Such an 80's child

After my meetings at the ESO offices, I had lunch with William from ALMA at the Museo de la Moda,which I had been planning to visit anyway.
Exhibit at the entrance to Museo de la Moda

I was in heaven! The 2 exhibitions they have on at the moment were just perfect for me.

The first exhibition was a Michael Jackson exhibition which features lots of his interesting outfits from over the years.

This was so cool! He had such a lot of amazing outfits. There was also a wall displaying various album artworks and posters from concerts. And, to my delight, plenty of his tunes playing in the background.

The second exhibition which was on was one called 'Back to the 80s', which was quite simply awesome!!! not least because of the fantastically cheesy 80's music they had playing throughout the different rooms.

Being the Museo de la Moda, there were a lot of clothes from the 80's on display (although I was a little disappointed that the puffball skirt didn't make it in to the collection - that was a favourite item of mine in the mid-80's. I loved my purple with black spots puffball!!). There were also various displays of magazines arranged alongside screens showing compilations of clips from various music videos. 

One of my favourite bits in the exhibition had to be the display of Barbies and Swatch watches - both things I was very proud to own. In fact, 2 of the Barbies on display I actually had!!
I particularly loved the little walkman that came with this one!

You can't see this one so well because of the reflection but the earrings this one had were amazing!
And of course, I couldn't possibly do an entry about this exhibition without including mentioning the fact that they had the DeLorean from Back to the Future!!!! They also had the 'futuristic' jacket which Marty wears but I didn't get a photo of that.

Now, where is my hoverboard???? Its almost 2015...surely they must be nearly ready!!

I loved this exhibition and actually had forgotten just how mad some of the fashion from the 80's was. It did leave me wondering though...when exactly did we all stop thinking that huge shoulder pads and fluorescent everything were good to wear? It feels like the madness just all stopped suddenly, but I'm sure it must have been a gradual thing. And of course, some of it has come back around again in the fashion cycle, like batwing tops for example. One thing I had forgotten (or perhaps hadn't really realised as I was too young) was the androgyny of the 80's.

I could have quite honestly stayed in the exhibition for hours, purely to listen to the music!

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