Friday 15 June 2012

Arrival in Santiago

After a long journey, with not much sleep, I have arrived in Santiago.

I left Edinburgh yesterday at 5:30pm (Edinburgh time - so 1:30pm Chilean time) and touched-down in Santiago airport at about 8:30am local.

I managed to avoid the various taxi touts offering free information and cheap fares, and got myself onto the bus to town.

Then I had to navigate my way through the metro system with my rediculously oversized backpack! But I managed, and to my pleasant surprise, the hostel I had booked into it literally across the road from the metro stop so I didn't have to walk far.

My plans for the weekend - just really to get myself familiar with Santiago, see some sights. I may go to a Planetarium show tomorrow.

I have arranged a visit to the ESO offices in Vitacura on Tuesday, to meet with ePOD people Valentina and Laura to find out more about ESO's education and PR activities in Chile. I'll also be meeting with Valeria who works for ALMA and working out the logistics of a trip up to the ALMA site early July.

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