Wednesday 22 August 2012

The last of KMOS leaves Edinburgh

Today, the final parts of KMOS left the UK ATC for their journey by air to Chile. The Cable Rotator left back in mid-July when I was still out there, and now the cryogenic unit has left too. But both deliveries will arrive at roughly the same time as the first went by boat - a 6 week journey.

There were 2 large lorries on site to pick up the 21 (!) boxes and take them on their journey to the airport.

A tight fit for the lorry through the gates!
One of the many boxes ready to go

Inside these various boxes are a selection of electrical cabinets, electrical and mechanical components, pipes, pumps, documents and manuals to name but a few things. And, of course, the cryostat itself - this box weighing in at a whopping 3.7 tonnes!

On Sunday, 3 of the UK ATC team will head out to Chile too, for at least 6 weeks, to test the instrument after its journey, put it all back together and to be there to fit it to the telescope.

The guys heading out are Alasdair Fairley, Project Manager; Phil Rees, systems engineer; and George Davidson, Technician. Out at Paranal, they will be joined by 2 electrical engineers and 1 software engineer from Germany and a mechanical engineer from Durham.

Some of those on the KMOS team

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